a physician and recruiter at the top of stairs after completing onboarding steps for physicians.
a physician and recruiter at the top of stairs after completing onboarding steps for physicians.

Onboarding steps for physicians

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Congratulations on securing a new opportunity! While the excitement of signing an offer is palpable, the journey toward success truly begins with effective onboarding.

Here are onboarding steps for physicians:

Review the offer letter

After signing the offer, take the time to thoroughly review the offer letter. Ensure all terms, including compensation, benefits and other contractual details align with your expectations. If any uncertainties arise, don’t hesitate to seek clarification from the recruiting team or HR.

Understand the onboarding timeline

Familiarize yourself with the onboarding timeline outlined in the offer letter or any accompanying documentation. This timeline typically includes important dates such as your start date, orientation sessions and deadlines for completing necessary paperwork.

Complete pre-employment paperwork

Most healthcare organizations require a variety of pre-employment paperwork to be completed before your official start date. This may include forms for background checks, drug screenings and other compliance-related documents. Promptly fill out and submit these forms to expedite the onboarding process.

Coordinate with HR and credentialing teams

Reach out to the human resources department and the credentialing team to ensure all necessary documentation is submitted and verified. This step is crucial for obtaining the required licenses and certifications, allowing you to start your new position with all regulatory boxes checked.

Connect with your team

Take the initiative to connect with your future colleagues and team members. Reach out via email or professional networking platforms to introduce yourself.

Prepare for orientation

Familiarize yourself with the orientation schedule provided by the organization. Whether it’s an in-person session or a virtual onboarding experience, understanding the agenda and topics covered will help you come prepared and make the most out of the orientation process.

Research the organization

Dive into research about the organization, its mission, values and overall culture. Understanding the broader context in which you’ll be working enhances your ability to align with organizational goals and expectations.

Clarify expectations and responsibilities

Reach out to your future supervisor or manager to clarify any lingering questions about your role, responsibilities and expectations. Establishing clear communication early on ensures you start your new position with a solid understanding of your duties and how your role contributes to the larger team.


Address logistical considerations to ensure a smooth start. Arrange for housing if you’re relocating, plan your commute and make any necessary arrangements for childcare or other personal commitments. Having these logistical details sorted out in advance will help minimize stress during your first days on the job.

Embrace a positive mindset

Approach the onboarding process with an open and positive mindset. Embrace the opportunity for growth and learning and be proactive in building positive relationships with your colleagues.


Signing an offer is a significant achievement, but the real journey begins with effective onboarding. By following these essential onboarding steps for physicians, you pave the way for a seamless transition into your new role. Remember, effective onboarding is a two-way street, with both the organization and the physician playing crucial roles.

Read PracticeLink articles by Megan Trippi

Megan Trippi

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