Reread the most viewed PracticeLink Magazine articles of 2021 for a year in review on job search tips and trends.
Reread the most viewed PracticeLink Magazine articles of 2021 for a year in review on job search tips and trends.

Physician job search preparation: A year in review

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Drew Terry

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2020 was the year of unprecedented times. 2021 became all about uncertainty.

Many sought a return to normal – or near normal – as treatments and vaccines emerged. The physician job search was no different. However, fluctuating caseloads and continued precautions and restrictions led to a state of limbo with each activity.

Some job interviews and other activities continued in person, while others shifted to virtual. Through it all, health care facilities sought physicians for their opportunities – and job-seeking physicians continued researching ways to stand out among other candidates.

PracticeLink’s goal is to help physicians bridge the gap between residency and full-time practice by providing free educational resources, like PracticeLink Magazine, that help you prepare for and conduct a successful job search with confidence.


Here is a year in review on some of the most read physician job search topics from 2021.


8 questions physician recruiters wish you’d ask

It’s natural to ask about scheduling details, patient population and compensation during interviews, but does your list of questions also include some that help you stand out to physician recruiters?

Learn eight questions recruiters wish they heard more often from candidates.


4 negotiating mistakes that drive recruiters bonkers

Medical school and residency prepare you to practice medicine, but chances are they didn’t cover aspects of a physician’s job search. Though missteps can occur and are often overlooked, some could wind up hurting your chances of sealing the deal.

Here are four things job-seeking residents do that frustrate employers – and what to do instead.


The ABCs of CVs

You’re a gem of a physician looking for a gem of a job. Your pedigree should make any employer swoon. But first, you have to grab their attention. Whether you’re seeking your first job or contemplating a mid-career change, that means making a great first impression with your curriculum vitae.

Use these pointers to ensure you dress your CV to impress.


How physicians get paid

Money isn’t everything – but it is an important factor when determining which job opportunity to accept.

Take a closer look at the ways you might get paid along with the pros and cons they could have for your career.


The last hurdle

The job search is filled with many challenges to prepare for and conquer. Finding the ideal practice. Building the perfect CV. Acing the interviews. But they end with one major detail: the contract.

The contract is written confirmation of what you and your future employer agree upon regarding your new position. Take these steps to be sure you agree with everything included and that nothing important is omitted.


A physician’s guide to relocating

Relocating can be an exciting time to get to know a new city, meet new friends and settle into a new home. It can also be a logistical challenge and frustrating without careful planning.

Follow these tips to minimize the headaches that could pop up, from choosing a location to packing the truck.


How to work with physician recruiters

There are often a lot of steps and decision makers involved when an organization hires a new doctor. At the forefront are the physician recruiters, who screen CVs, keep the hiring process on track and advise which candidates to prioritize.

While they don’t make the final decision, recruiters play a key role in hiring physicians – and understanding their role can improve your chances of landing the job.


The timeline of a physician job search

Perhaps you’ve heard the adage “To be early is to be on time.” It holds true for the physician job search.

Learn how starting early with research and preparation can make you more confident in your decision.


Meet, greet, repeat

A site visit is one of the best ways to truly understand the opportunity you’re considering and the people who could become your colleagues.

Before you go, learn about these four key players you’ll meet – and how to make the most of each encounter.


Live & Practice

It goes without saying that practicing medicine is a big part of a physician’s life, but it’s important to consider life outside work, too.

Each quarter, PracticeLink Magazine’s Live & Practice section highlights what it’s like to work and play in four different communities. Whether you’re interested in outdoor activities or a place to raise a family, you can learn about locations and lifestyles that will pique your interest when considering the next chapter of your career.  

Read PracticeLink articles by Drew Terry

Drew Terry

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