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The benefits of a physician career path

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Doctors and health care professionals will always be in demand. Of course, trends like oversupply or shortages fluctuate but as a health care provider, there will always be a need for your services.

According to the College Foundation of North Carolina, registered nurses and medical professionals break the top of the list for those who are most in demand and highest paid.

But let’s face it: Medical school and working through residency and fellowship training can be a costly time in a physician or advanced practice provider’s career journey.

However, another benefit of working in a medical profession is your eligibility for student loan forgiveness. With a little help from these additional resources, alongside the steady demand for health care professionals, there’s potential for a very lucrative and fulfilling career.

In a 2021 data analysis by the U.S. News & World Report, various professions were ranked to determine the 100 best jobs to have right now. The results were based on a few variables, such as median salary, unemployment rate, 10-year growth volume, future job prospects, stress level and work-life balance.

With all these factors considered, their analysis favored health care professions across the board. For instance, physician assistants were ranked #1 on the 100 Best Jobs list. Nurse practitioners were ranked third, followed by medical and health services management at fourth, and physicians at number five. If it seems significant that medical professions take up all but one space in the top five, that’s because it is.

Being a health care provider can be personally, professionally and financially rewarding. Although burnout is very real, and shouldn’t be ignored, it can happen to anyone in any profession or industry. However, these results indicate that health care professionals benefit from their work and see opportunities to grow – maybe even more than other professions.  

While some specialties are in higher demand than others, any route taken as a physician or APP is one that will offer many opportunities. Wherever you’re located, whatever specialty or health care profession you’re pursuing, there will always be jobs in high demand for the critical work you do to heal your communities.


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Read PracticeLink articles by Alexandra Cappetta

Alexandra Cappetta

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