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March 1, 2009

Going home: Answering a calling to serve your community


Mollie Vento Hudson, Editor

Mollie Vento Hudson, Editor

Today I went to the funeral of an 86-year-old man who lived around the corner - a man who had been inconvenienced by prostate cancer and bone cancer, then slowed by a stroke; his routines altered by Parkinson’s disease, his life ultimately changed by Alzheimer’s.

Practicing at home

This gracious gentleman, who graduated from Harvard, worked for 35 years as an engineer. He also turned his avocation of fly fishing into a successful business and raised seven children with his wife of 60 years. He couldn’t remember how he knew me the last couple of years, but he still managed to beat me in five straight games of Chinese checkers just before Thanksgiving. We first met nearly 30 years ago when he was part of the selection committee of our local Rotary Club that eventually sponsored me as an exchange student to New Zealand. This experience was life-changing for me - as I suspect the program intends - and I remain in contact with some of my friends and host families to this day. Thanks in no small part to this gentleman, when I land in Auckland, I’m not a visitor, I’ve come home.
Our feature articles this issue are about coming - or finding - home as well. In "You Can Go Home Again," first-time UO contributor Deb Kincaid profiles four physicians who returned to their roots and found not only employment but a soul-satisfying way of giving back to their communities. These clinicians didn’t take the easy way out and simply return to familiar territory. Each doctor answered a unique calling and has faced - or continues to face - considerable obstacles in his or her everyday practice. Link to their stories, from the contents page.

What it takes to make a home

If you’re not going home for your job, then you’re looking to make a home somewhere else. The decisions about starting the search for your first practice can be overwhelming, and if you don’t take a critical self-assessment prior to leaping into answering ads or taking phone calls, you’re headed for disaster. Writer Jon VanZile takes you step-by-step through the sometimes daunting prospect of getting started on the job hunt in "Tailor Your Search"
Whether you’re headed to your original home, an adopted one, or looking for a place to make home, I hope you’ll take us along on the ride.
- Mollie Vento Hudson, Editor

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