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January 17, 2018

Physician recruiter spotlight: Sherri Vaughn, M.D.

Meet: Sherri Vaughn, M.D., family physician and physician recruiter

Sherri Vaughn, M.D., Lawrence Memorial Hospital
Sherri Vaughn, M.D.

Employer: Lawrence Memorial Hospital in Lawrence, Kansas

Why did you choose to become a physician recruiter? Physician recruiting really chose me!

I took a position as Vice President of Medical Affairs for Lawrence Memorial Hospital in 2008, and physician recruitment fell under "all other duties as assigned."

At that time, physician recruitment was not an actual department and was something that was done essentially on an as-needed basis. The only physician recruiting that I had done was recruiting physicians for my private practice group in the previous years of my practice.

I had always been the recruited, not the recruiter. This gives me a very interesting vantage point when recruiting other physicians.

What’s your favorite part of recruiting physicians? I get to hand-select the colleagues I work with daily and the specialists that I refer to. It gives me great insight and confidence in taking the best care of my patients.

What’s your favorite part of recruiting physicians? Don’t chase the money. Look for the right fit with a group. When you are happy and know you are taking great care of your patients that put their trust in you, the money will come.

What can physicians look forward to in your community? I get to be close to my daughters as they grow up. I have been allowed the privilege to be a guest speaker and teacher in their classes. I have taught health classes, Junior Achievement, planned class parties, gone on field trips. I also get to interact with many of my patients in the community that I live in.

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