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January 6, 2021

Preparing for your interview

Preparing for your interviewSetting up your practice as a new physician actually begins when you’re interviewing for the job

There are many questions you can ask to get a feel for how the organization will help you. Below are a few starters.

1. What resources does your organization provide to help new doctors with licensing, credentialing and hospital privileging?
2. How many committees and boards must see and approve my file?
3. What might delay my start date? Has anyone in the group been denied privileges or credentials, and if so, why?

1. What role will I play in hiring staff members who work directly with me?
2. What is your staffing model? Do you have RNs, LPNs, nurse practitioners, other mid-level providers?
3. Does each doctor have his or her own nurse, medical assistant or mid-level provider? Or do they rotate among us?

1. How have you marketed previous physicians?
2. What has worked best?
3. Will I be able to give input as to how I want to be promoted? How much help will you offer if I want to give interviews or make speeches on health topics?

Purchasing equipment
1. Who’s in charge of purchasing equipment for my office?
2. How much flexibility will I have in getting the exact equipment that I want? Will I have a say in the type or manufacturer?
3. What’s the process for requesting specific items, especially if they’re major investments?


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