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When looking for a job, it’s good to know what the market looks like in your specialty. Each quarter, PracticeLink pulls the most challenging specialties to recruit, and the specialties with the highest demand. The larger the “jobs per candidate,” the lower the competition for those opportunities.

The Most Challenging to Recruit Specialties are those with the highest demand-to-supply ratio in the PracticeLink system.

The Most-In-Demand Specialties represent those that have the most jobs overall posted on PracticeLink – specialties for which the demand for physicians is highest.

The change in rank reflects the specialty’s movement since last quarter.

See the most in-demand specialties for Spring 2021.

Is your specialty on the list? If it isn’t, what have you noticed as you look for jobs? Does it seem even more competitive?

As you apply for opportunities, you want to make a good impression and stand out in the sea of applicants, so here are a few ways you can:

Make your CV shine

Recruiters sometimes receive hundreds of CVs, and they can’t always read each one word-for-word. To help them pick out key details and understand your experience, keep your CV simple with the most important details listed. You want a recruiter or organization to get a feel for who you are just by skimming your CV, so make sure your biggest accomplishments pop.

Get to know the organization better

There are many ways to research an organization, but one of the most effective is getting to know them and their staff personally. Most people who submit their application for an opportunity may not have met anyone in person, so if you find ways to meet with recruiters and health care systems in person or virtually, take them. You can do this by attending career fairs – or virtual career fairs during this time – and seeing if the organization will be attending other in-person or virtual events so you can make an impression in more ways than your application.

Connect with the recruiter

Some job postings will have a recruiter’s information included. If you’ve met a recruiter or spoken with them recently, it’s good to follow up and thank them for the conversation, recounting something you’ve discussed. You can also ask questions about the position but remember to not be pushy; simply reach out to keep your name top of mind and make an impression.


We’re here to help! For more information or assistance determining if additional opportunities are right for you, contact PhysicianRelations@PracticeLink.com.


Read PracticeLink articles by Megan Trippi

Megan Trippi

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