A physician on the computer looking at recruiter contacts
A physician on the computer looking at recruiter contacts

Who do I contact when I’m interested in a position?

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When you are actively seeking new opportunities as a physician candidate, responding to job postings is the pivotal step that begins your job search journey. Crafting a well-structured and professional response can significantly enhance your chances of being a standout among a sea of other candidates.

Here are a few tips to help make sure the first step of that journey starts off on the right foot:

Carefully review the posting

Before you respond to any job posting, make sure you’ve taken the time to thoroughly review the details that have been provided. Having a good understanding about the job requirements, responsibilities and qualifications is critical. It’s also important to follow any specific instructions for applying. Pay special attention to the application deadline to make certain your submission is submitted within the given timeframe.

Addressing your response

In most cases, job postings will specify a contact person or department to which you should direct or application. You can also view recruiter profiles or find contact information on facility profiles on PracticeLink.com. So, make sure you utilize this information to direct your response accordingly. If a specific person or office is mentioned, address your cover letter or email to them directly. Making sure to add this personalized touch shows that you are detail oriented and have a genuine interest in the position.

Personalizing your response

Tailor each application you submit to the specific position and facility you are applying to and avoid sending a generic response to multiple job postings. Highlight how your skills, experience, and values align with the requirements of that specific role, and how they align with the mission of the organization. Giving a tailored understanding of the job posting shows your commitment and how seriously you take the application process.

Stress your selling points

Use your response as an opportunity to showcase the unique qualities you possess that set you apart as a physician candidate. Showcase your accomplishments and certifications and highlight your specializations and any unique experiences that are relevant to the position. Paint a vivid picture of how your skills can contribute to the big picture and the success of the organization.

Setting the right tone

Maintain a professional tone and format when responding to a job posting. Address the recipient with a courteous greeting and it is vital that you proofread to avoid grammatical errors and typos. Be clear and concise and focus on relevant details. Avoid unnecessary information. Brevity is best.

Encourage communication

Make sure your response reflects your enthusiasm for the opportunity and show a willingness and desire to discuss the position further. It’s good to invite the hiring team to contact you for additional information and hopefully schedule an interview. Having a proactive and open attitude shows that you are an engaged and communicative candidate.

Follow the instructions

The best way to show the hiring team that you are a team player is to show you can follow instructions. That’s why adhering to the application instructions provided in the job posting is crucial. Some postings may require documents such as a CV, cover letter, references and other supporting materials. Not following the instructions could lead to your application being late, or worse, being overlooked.


Responding to physician job postings is an essential step in securing the position you want. After all, “you can’t win if you don’t enter.” But having a well-crafted response will give you an edge by showing your professionalism, attention to detail and genuine interest in the opportunity available. And that will give you a definite leg up when trying to land your dream job in the healthcare field.


For more tips to help you through your job search journey, go to magazine.practicelink.com.

Read articles by Jackie Farley

Jackie Farley

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